Standalone SpigotServerBuilder V2.4

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Spigot Server Builder (SSB) is a standalone Java program that creates a Spigot server with ease! All you have to do is select a version:

Enter the path to where the Directories should be created:

(In this example I have the path set to: C:\Users\Puyodead1\Desktop\SpigotServer, This means that a Directory called "SpigotServer" will be created on my Desktop (if it exists already it will just use it), inside this folder, 2 more will be created, one for compiling BuildTools called "BuildTools" and another for the server called "SpigotServer" where the actual server is made.

After entering the path, make sure to hit enter to set it, you should see this: (f you forget to hit enter, when you hit the GO button it will set it

Now we are ready to start it! Hit that big GO button!

The program will download BuildTools.jar, compile it, copy the Spigot jar to the Server Folder, write a EULA file and accept it, and create a Launcher.bat file. PLEASE SUBMIT ISSUES AND BUG REPORTS HERE: https://github.com/Puyodead1-Development/SpigotServerBuilder/issues/new
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