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    Closed Free telephone calls bot for scambaiting

    I won't be able to do this as I don't have any SIP available.
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    GhettoBox - The Desktop application for Plex and Ombi

    GhettoBox GhettoBox is a cross-platform application where you can watch your Plex Libraries, View and Manage requests on Ombi, and Administrate Media servers bundled into one program on your Desktop! Teaser: V1.0.0 - Current Release: Includes Plex Remote login systems and...
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    Closed Free telephone calls bot for scambaiting

    I will take a look into it :)
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    Announcement Added Factions!

    We have added faction to the QuantumBasics Official Server! You can create a faction with /f create, and find more information with /f help!
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    Approval Information

    There is a daily cap of 1 TB that can be downloaded, this is to prevent outages that can last days. We will ONLY approve 2 seasons / day! If your request has NOT been approved within 48 hours, you can contact me or SystemXD. NOT ALL REQUESTS CAN BE PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY AFTER APPROVAL!
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    Can I Invite people and Can I get Staff?

    Can I Invite People? Yes, go for it! You can Invite as many people as you want! Can I get Staff? If you Invite enough people, the bot will give you the staff role. How many Invites to get Staff? Get outta here you Staff Hungry Bhanchode. That's classified!
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    What is Plex and Ombi, How do I get started, and what is MovieBitch?

    Plex is a self hosted media server. This is where you watch the media from once it's available. Ombi is the place where you request TV shows and Movies you want (if it isn't already available). To Get Started: You will need an account on Plex. DM your Plex email to me or SystemXD in Discord and...
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    What is this?

    This is GhettoBox, a mass Movie and TV Show piracy distribution network. (Free Netflix :p). Is it illegal? No. "I am fully compliant with the laws in the servers jurisdiction. And the onerous is on the provider, not the user. If I get a take down request I will comply with the request. As per...
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    Spigot KnockBackTag Minigame V4.1

    First off, I want to credit the original idea for this plugin to MrBeason (@Rampage_Force). -=-=-=Summary=-=-=- KnockBackTag (KBT) is a Minigame that allows players run around in an arena playing tag. The first player to join is made "IT", “IT” chases other players in an attempt to “tag” them...
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    Standalone SpigotServerBuilder V2.4

    Spigot Server Builder (SSB) is a standalone Java program that creates a Spigot server with ease! All you have to do is select a version: Enter the path to where the Directories should be created: (In this example I have the path set to: C:\Users\Puyodead1\Desktop\SpigotServer, This means that...
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    Announcement Forums are up!

    YAY! We have some sexy ass forums here. Let's set it on fireeeee! WOOOOOOO!